Café franco-américain de la Péninsule

One of the biggest challenges of successfully integrating into the American and French daily life as far as language is concerned is being able to actively participate in a group conversation situation. Conversations are fast and dynamic. They evolve organically and get frequently interrupted with changing ideas. There are many participants and lots of cultural references that are topped with a fair amount of new and old slang. These are the experiences that the Café Franco-Américain wants to replicate for you, offering you a supportive environment designed for personal improvement, learning and sharing.

Café franco-américain de la Péninsule

Souhaitez-vous améliorer votre anglais de façon ludique ? Rejoignez notre groupe d’échange linguistique autour d’un café, rencontrez de nouveaux amis et aborder de nouveaux sujets de conversation.

We will meet once a month for 1.5 hours. Your curiosity, questions and interests will spark subjects of conversation which we will address during the meeting time. For half of the time native English speakers will support and help native French speakers practice English in a group conversation setting. In turn, francophones will do the same for their anglophone peers, when the time comes to speak French for the second half of the meeting. It’s a fun challenge for everyone, and we’ll all leave with a greater understanding of what makes us unique, giving us invaluable life and professional tools that we can apply.

About Claudia, the organizer :
Life in the US can present you with many challenges. Speaking English is only one of them. In these sessions I want to help you navigate and learn a little more about the American life, especially here in the Bay Area. What I bring to you is the perspective of an outsider that has lived and learned the culture from within. Seventeen years ago I met my husband, an American man from the East Coast. As soon as I relocated to the Bay Area I had the need to find a job. This task was exciting and scary. And the same was true for everything else I had to do here. Not only because it was all new, but because all of it had to be done in what was for me a foreign language and culture. I started this process at 23 years old with an open mind and a different perspective. That helped me understand how it is to try to make it in the US and my unique experience is what I wish to transmit to you.
We all want to be successful and make the most of our lives here. And for that, we naturally need to speak great "American" English. Through my experience of marrying into an American family, and having worked and lived in different US regions, including a long time in the San Francisco Bay Area, I learned how to succeed at this task. I also witnessed first hand that the most impactful way a foreigner can improve her life comfort and situation in the US is by understanding the American culture and improving her English confidence and skills. It is paramount to speak English with others all the time and purposely incorporate it into your life as much as possible. And guess what ? It is no different for those who wish to speak French and actively live in the French culture. The more we do this, the better we get at it. So without further ado, let’s get started and practice together !

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